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The NW Academy is a private English Language school located in Derry, Northern Ireland. The school is accredited by the British Council and ISO 9001 quality assurance schemes. The NW Academy was established in 2003 and since then has become one of the biggest English language schools in Northern Ireland. We have built an outstanding reputation for providing high quality English language and tailored study programmes. We are also the single largest host for students participating in ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ study and work programmes in Northern Ireland.



Derry: magic and spirited city

A US entertainment law firm has announced 75 new jobs in Derry. Why Derry? " Derry is magic, it has a spirit, it has the X-factor that we are looking for, talent under-utilised and it is enthusiastic, dynamic" said Russell Smith, co-funder os SmithDehn


Derry 'world's fourth best city to visit' in 2013

The Lonely Planet travel guide puts Derry fourth, behind San Francisco, Amsterdam, and the Indian city of Hyderabad saying "Derry is a vibrant city undergoing a renaissance" (BBC NEWS)



The 29th of October the Northern Irish Tourist Board will present to the NW Academy the certificate of "Recognition of Excellent Customer Service" and the NW Academy will became one of the very first WorldHost recognised businesses in Northern Ireland.



100% success rate for all our students who did the Trinity exam this year :-) Congratulations! For more information about enrolling in our Trinity exam preparation courses and book your Trinity exam please email



In 2011 we have taken many students from NW Academy. They have all been excellent to work with, very well mannered, pleasant and conscientious. They integrated extremely well with all our staff, chatted with everyone and were extremely fun to be around as they were trying to learn "Derry Slang" words and improve their English. Myself and all my colleagues alike really enjoyed having the students here, it was a breath of fresh air which is sometimes needed in retail or any business. As well as their presence lifting everyone’s mood daily they were extremely hard working and enthusiastic in every role they were given as they were keen to learn new skills each day to take back to their home country. I would definitely recommend accepting students from North West Academy as they are very keen to make the most out of the experience they have been given therefore strive to "be the best they can be". Without placements this won't be possible which would be a shame as not only would the students be missing out but your company/ business would be too. I have placed students from Italy, Spain and Poland and I have enjoyed learning about all different cultures. My relationship with North West academy has been excellent and I look forward to working with them throughout 2012.



Having students from the NW Academy has added a special dimension to the experience customers have in the Café.



Our company were first recommended the North West Academy early 2012 and the professionalism of the training officers and quality of the students has been top class. It has been without doubt one of the best company decisions we have made as these high calibre students drive important projects and implement systems which aids faster growth of our business. Utilising the North West Academy is a must for all local SMEs.



The students demonstrated a keen interest in all tasks set and they followed instructions well. The work was completed efficiently and to a high level of accuracy. All students were pleasant, arrived for work on time and conducted themselves professionally. We were delighted to facilitate their work experience and wish all of the students the best of luck in the future.